Website Maintenance Solutions & SEO Analytics

“You’re limited only by your imagination”

Initial contract is a three-month term. The basic plan includes 4 hours of ZMarketing & Designs support. We also have 8, 12 and 16 hour plans available. Each request is a 15 minute minimum deduction from your 4 plan hours. What if you don’t use all 4 hours in a month? Un-used hours roll-over to the next month and are available for future projects Cancel the Monthly Maintenance Plan after the initial three month contract. Just send us a note with 30 days notice. 20% Discount for Annual plan billing.

Basic Website Updates – We can edit existing pages, update images, add or removing pages. We can post blogs to make sure they are ready for search rankings.

Improve Navigation – ZMarketing & Designs can help with composing your content for new pages. We’ll place the most pertinent information within 3-clicks of the home page.

Image/Photo Editing – ZMarketing & Designs will make sure any photos added to your pages is optimized for clarity and fast download.

Website Development – ZMarketing & Designs can handle any programming required to improve the functionality of your site, including – online payments, subscription-based membership, email list submittal, calendar of events, password protected pages, social media capabilities and more.

Keep Track of all Hosted Website Accounts – There are countless web hosting providers that sell/offer various products. ZMarketing & Designs will work directly with your vendors to consolidate and handle techie issues you may not want to deal with such as domain transfers, installing SSL certificates and more.

Content Review – Adding fresh content is the best thing you can do for your website. ZMarketing & Designs would take one or a few pages of the website each month, review for code or formatting issues, and index them with Google.

Routine Site Checks – Cybersecurity is a constant threat and now matter what automated detection systems are in place, your site will always need the human touch to look within and around non-conventional places for malware threats. ZMarketing & Designs will monitor your website for problems.  We do checks for speed issues, search issues and any problems keeping visitors from your website.

Need Changes on a Schedule? – ZMarketing & Designs is your resource to make sure everything goes live on time.

Schedule Email Marketing – Send us the content ahead of time. ZMarketing & Designs will make it look pretty and get it scheduled to your email lists.  We work with many different email marketing tools. Bring us yours.

Technical SEO – Google requires many technical updates these days. ZMarketing & Designs keeps track of required changes. We will let you know what your site needs and complete the work on your website.