Why your IT administrator needs to fully remove Flash from your Mac

Maintaining a website is like buying a car, after a while you’ll have to change the fluids, oil, tires etc… all of which you can do on your own, but wouldn’t you rather spend your time doing what you do best, like growing you business!?

Malware protection, cross browser compatibility, ADA compliance, server & plugin updates are just a few of the major components that if not routinely checked can lead to an embarrassing experience and a inconvenient expense in discovering the route of the problem…

Although rich animated media is entertaining and fully responsive, the leading design program, Adobe Flash, is no longer supported as an industry standard. It has proven to be a vulnerability risk for websites, browsers, and communication devices.

Here’s an article about why your IT administrator needs to fully remove Flash from your Mac: 9to5Mac: With support officially ended, Adobe ‘strongly recommends’ removing Flash now, here’s how: https://9to5mac.com/2021/01/12/fully-remove-adobe-flash-from-mac/

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